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I’m a writer and health and wellness fanatic, and I love helping wellness brands share their story with the world. 

I'm Not Just A Wellness Writer... I Eat, Breathe, and Live Naturally Well.  

I am a freelance copywriter and content writer, but I'm a lover of the natural health and wellness lifestyle first and foremost. 
I write storied content and persuasive copy, though I prefer soft selling over in-your-face sales writing any day. 

I have a background in holistic nutrition, herbalism, and mind-body sciences, and in the past, I have coached many to heal their bodies, minds, and souls through functional food, plant medicine, and mind-body work. 

I'm a teacher (at heart) so it's important to me to reach people in a way that benefits them, which in turn builds trust and relationships with you—the source. 

I strive to help build a world of self-empowered, healthy people who understand our impact on one another and the world around us. And as a healthier version of society emerges, I hope we better appreciate the deep knowing that only comes from personal introspection and growth too.
I help heal through writing and through YOU, and I am looking forward to helping you write your amazing health and wellness legacy.



Naturally Well Content & Copy

  • Holistic Health & Wellness,

  • Ayurveda,

  • Herbs,

  • Functional Medicine,

  • Adolescence.

  • Hormone Issues,

  • Nutrition,

  • Nature,

  • Natural Medicine VS Western,

  • Holistic Dentistry,

  • Functional Nutrition, 

  • Natural Wellness,

  • Integrative Medicine,

  • Herbal Remedies,

  • Supplements,

  • Spas,

  • Meditation,

  • Yoga,

  • Alternative Practitioners,

  • Self-care,

  • Mindfulness,

  • Affirmations,

  • Wellness Coaches,

  • Fitness, 

  • Alternative Medicine,

  • Chinese Medicine,

  • Alternative Therapies,

  • Epigenetics,

  • Recipes,

  • Gardening,

  • Self-Sustained Living,

  • Medicinal Mushrooms,

  • Bio-Hacking,

  • CBD,

  • Botany,

  • Weight Loss,

  • Eating Disorders,

  • And Much More!

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